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Gardening gloves holding weeds
The Most Common Minnesota Weeds

Most homeowners have accepted the fact that there is no winning the war on weeds—no matter how many you pull or spray they just never seem to go away. Luckily, you can get rid of them by following these weed control tips to achieve a weed-free yard!

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Fall leaves
Fall Lawn Care Tips for Your Minnesota Lawn

It’s that time of year when you regret planting all those trees in your yard so many years ago. With winter on our heels, we have to start preparing our yard for the cold months ahead and start planning ahead for next spring. We have put together some tips to help you with your fall lawn care journey.

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Grubs in sandy soil
What Are Grubs And How To Get Rid of Them

Unlike other common lawn pests, grubs spend their days beneath the surface of the soil, where you likely won’t notice them until your lawn has severe damage. That’s why we’d like to teach you how to identify them and implement grub control.

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Two girls laying in the grass with a dog
Organic Lawn Care: A Chemical-Free Approach

Organic lawn care is growing in popularity. At Showcase Lawn Care Inc., we’ve seen more and more homeowners looking for chemical-free solutions to lawn care. But “going organic” means not only eliminating the use of chemicals it also involving cultural practices to keep weeds and pests at bay.

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