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To make sure you get the lawn you deserve, we offer free re-treatments between services as needed.

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Family Owned and Operated

As a local lawn care services company, we understand the challenges that lawns in Minnesota face.

Lawn Care in New Hope

Your lawn is completely unique, so your lawn care should be too! To ensure we give you the best results possible, our lawn care in New Hope starts with a free consultation. We’ll search for problem areas like bald patches or yellow grass, listen to your concerns, and get started on treatment as soon as possible. With year-round visits, your lawn will look great no matter the season.

Our lawn technicians will pamper your lawn by:

  • Tailoring treatments based on your property’s specific needs.
  • Using professional-grade fertilizers to stimulate new, healthy grass growth.
  • Keeping you informed throughout treatment and answering any questions.
  • Giving you our satisfaction guarantee for the ultimate peace of mind.

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Your One-Stop Shop for Lawn Care

At Showcase Lawn Care, we do it all! That includes essential services like fertilization, as well as treatments that target specific problems. We can help with weed control, grub control, and lawn disease treatment to ensure your property stays healthy.

See Results with Our Satisfaction Guarantee

Though our treatments are personalized, everyone gets our 100% satisfaction guarantee! If you have problems between regular services, let our team of lawn care professionals in Brooklyn Park know and we’ll come back to make things right. Lawn care in New Hope has never been so easy!

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Weed Control Services in New Hope

Are weeds making your lawn look less than impressive? Not only do weeds ruin the appearance of your yard, but they also steal valuable resources like water and nutrients and crowd out your grass. Don't just rely on hand-pulling or store-bought weed killers that only provide temporary relief. At Showcase Lawn Care, we offer a comprehensive weed removal service in New Hope, MN that gets to the root of the problem for lasting results.

Here's what our 5-step program includes:

  • Comprehensive inspection of your yard to identify types of weeds
  • Post-emergent applications to eliminate current weeds
  • Spot spraying of stubborn weeds like creeping charlie, wild violets, dandelions, clover, and thistle
  • Pre-emergent solutions to prevent new weeds from germinating
  • Bed weed control and treatment for your lawn, driveway, and sidewalks
  • Ongoing monitoring to maintain a weed-free lawn

We believe in the importance of ongoing monitoring to maintain a weed-free lawn. Our team will regularly check on your lawn to ensure that no new weeds have emerged and to address any potential issues. With our comprehensive program, you can say goodbye to those stubborn weeds and hello to a beautiful, healthy lawn.

Lawn Aeration Service in New Hope

Are you tired of having patchy, uneven, and yellow grass on your lawn? Look no further! offers the best lawn aeration services in New Hope, MN. Our expert team specializes in removing excess thatch and performing core aeration, which promotes healthier turf. By creating channels in the soil, our core aeration technique ensures greater rooting, deeper nutrient release, and improved access to soil, air, and water. With our long-lasting treatments, your lawn will not only look stunning but also have better resistance to drought and disease. Don't stress about lawn care anymore – let us help your landscape thrive!

Benefits of our lawn aeration service in New Hope:

  • Promotes healthier turf growth.
  • Effectively removes excess thatch.
  • Improves soil structure and nutrient absorption through core aeration.
  • Provides quick and long-lasting results.
  • Enhances root development and nutrient release for stronger grass.
  • Ensures better resistance against drought and disease.
  • Creates a lush and vibrant lawn for you to enjoy.
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5 Star Review

i started with Minnesota Lawn Care this year and after two applications my lawn looks 1000 times better the color everything the weeds went away almost completely after about a week and a half. the ladies in the office are always nice and informative I would recommend this company if you are struggling with getting rid of creeping Charlie and dandelions thank you guys!!!

tyler parker
5 Star Review

Our lawn is thick and green, not burned and full of weeds like the other lawn care services we have had in the past. Showcase Lawn Care is the best lawn care we've had in the 30 years we have lived in Plymouth, MN

Al and Julie

Julie Borg
1 Star Review

Scheduled service for the year. The first appointment was rescheduled 3 times. I had to call and threaten to take my business elsewhere for them to finally come.

Lyzz Smith
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