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1 Star Review

Saw someone driving the Showcase Lawn Care truck (same business) like a maniac, speeding, and almost running people off the road. I wish I could rate them zero stars for this unsafe behavior.

Alen Perwood
5 Star Review

these guys are awesome, mosquito control, and not a weed insight. one thing that really impressed me was when our lawn was scheduled to be punched or aerated. The immediate forecast was rain for the next 5 days, i look out the window and there is a guy in his dress shirt and dress pants aerating the lawn, turns out it was one of the owners of the company, he said it needed to be done now before the rain came. wow what commitment to their customers. i highly recomend these guys, thank you!

Melanie Dunleavy
5 Star Review

This is our first time using Showcase Lawn Care. I've always believed that first impressions are very important. I have been pleased and overwhelmed since the first phone call. Great customer service and professionalism exhibited from the staff and the first application applied by Riley. I look forward to a great continued experience this year!

Randy Robinson