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Family Owned and Operated

Finally, a natural program that actually works.

Our premium, eco-friendly program delivers a healthier, greener lawn that is safe for your family and the environment.

Our sustainable ingredients work in perfect synergy.


  • Eco-friendly, lush, green lawn
  • Superior disease and pest resistance naturally.
  • Reduced environmental impact.
  • Peace of mind for your family and planet.
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Organic Herbicide

This organic weed control works by causing iron toxicity in broadleaf weeds; because broadleaf weeds absorb and assimilate iron differently than turf grass. Combined with the improved soil health fostered by Humic Acid and soil treatment, weeds struggle to establish themselves, reducing reliance on herbicides over time.

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Liquid Aeration Humic Acid

  • Humic Acid enhances soil structure, increases microbial activity, and improves nutrient holding capacity. This leads to healthier soil that better supports plant growth.
  • Our soil treatment microbial community thrives in this enriched environment, further unlocking nutrients and boosting the effectiveness of the natural fertilizer.

Soil Treatment

  • This unique blend of beneficial microbes acts like a living fertilizer factory in your soil, breaking down organic matter into nutrients readily available to your lawn.
  • The improved soil structure created by Humic Acid maximizes the reach and impact of these beneficial microbes, leading to stronger growth and natural disease resistance.
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Healthy Nitrogen

  • This slow-release, eco-friendly fertilizer feeds your lawn steadily over time, minimizing the risk of burning and ensuring optimal nutrient uptake.
  • The healthy root system promoted by Humic Acid and our soil treatment ensures efficient absorption of these nutrients, maximizing the impact of Coron and reducing the need for frequent applications.

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