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As a local lawn care services company, we understand the challenges that lawns in Minnesota face.

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To make sure you get the lawn you deserve, we offer free re-treatments between services as needed.

Lawn Care in Brooklyn Park

Harsh winters, sandy soil, and the risk of tornadoes make it difficult to maintain a lawn in Minnesota. For help transforming your property, trust our lawn care in Brooklyn Park. We use the best products available to strengthen your grass starting at the root, resulting in turf that’s healthier and more resilient.

Our lawn care program includes:

  • A free consultation to identify existing and potential problem areas.
  • Custom treatments that are unique to your property.
  • Professional-grade fertilizers to promote growth and vibrant color.
  • Our satisfaction guarantee.

Service Add-Ons for a Healthier Lawn

We want to protect your lawn from every angle, which is why we offer add-on services with our lawn care in Brooklyn Park, including grub control, weed control, and disease control. These services are difficult to perform on your own, and DIY options can actually lead to more issues. That’s why it’s always best to trust the professionals!

Guaranteed Lawn Care

We know our services work, but we still aren’t satisfied until you are. To ensure you get the best results possible, our services are backed with a satisfaction guarantee. If you experience problems between regular visits, all you have to do is let us know! We’ll then return to make things right at no additional cost.

Read reviews of real customers of our lawn care program in Brooklyn Park.

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9210 Wyoming Ave. N Suite 260
Brooklyn Park
M-F: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
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Lawn Aeration in Brooklyn Park

If you’re spending time watering, fertilizing, and caring for your lawn, make sure your efforts aren’t in vain. Soil compaction and thatch buildup make it hard for your lawn to get the water and nutrients it needs. To solve this problem, trust our lawn aeration in Brooklyn Park. 

Benefits of our service include:

  • Reduced water runoff and puddling.
  • Improved fertilizer uptake.
  • Better resistance to drought and disease.
  • Stronger, healthier grass roots.
  • Thicker grass blades.
  • A visibly healthier lawn.

Mosquito Control in Brooklyn Park

Mosquitoes leave behind itchy bites and can transmit dangerous diseases such as the West Nile virus, dengue, and malaria. Instead of depending on ineffective, smelly bug sprays to keep you and your loved ones safe, trust our mosquito control in Brooklyn Park. We’ll keep mosquito populations in check throughout spring and summer, letting you enjoy your time outdoors without worry.

When you partner with us for mosquito control, we will:

  • Locate mosquito breeding areas and hiding places, like clogged gutters and birdbaths.
  • Treat and eliminate adult mosquitoes, larvae, and eggs.
  • Strategically schedule five applications to prevent mosquitoes from returning.
  • Back our services with our satisfaction guarantee.

Other Areas We Service Around Brooklyn Park

We also offer our lawn care and fertilization program in many communities around Brooklyn Park, including:

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5 Star Review

Last year was my 1st year with Showcase after the previous year with Tr-----Gr which was a disaster. The difference in services was night & day. I had the 5-application program with Showcase. They scheduled the lawn treatments perfectly to fit the growing season, were always there on time and professionally & carefully applied the fertilizer/weed control. Can't say enough good things for Showcase.

Leslie Nesler
5 Star Review

They aerated my lawn, notified me the day before and were on time. Courteous and thorough in their work.

Al Stevens
5 Star Review

Showcase put In our sprinkler system 8 years around and started the fertilizing the next year. Our lawn was transformed into the envy of the neighborhood.

Working with Jess has been a pleasure!

Pat Schellenberg
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