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As a local lawn care services company, we understand the challenges that lawns in Minnesota face.

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To make sure you get the lawn you deserve, we offer free re-treatments between services as needed.

Lawn Care in Champlin

At Showcase Lawn Care, we know that each lawn is different, so we don’t have a cookie-cutter approach to lawn care in Champlin. Instead, we take time to understand your property and look for issues like slow-growing grass or insect damage. Then, we use our findings to create a custom plan that will give you results in no time.

Our lawn includes:

  • High-quality fertilizers that promote growth.
  • Treatment from friendly lawn technicians.
  • Add-on services to tackle specific problems.
  • Our satisfaction guarantee.

Trust Our Comprehensive Services

We offer much more than just lawn fertilization! Our lawn care in Champlin also includes add-on services such as weed control, grub control, lawn disease treatment, and aeration and seeding. No matter what problem your lawn is having, our team of lawn technicians in Brooklyn Park has solutions to make your grass stronger and healthier than ever. 

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The Showcase Guarantee

If you’re looking for an easy way to maintain a beautiful lawn, trust Showcase Lawn Care. Not only do we offer effective services, but we also have a satisfaction guarantee. If you’re unhappy or have problems between visits, all you have to do is let us know. One of our lawn care technicians will happily return to make things right, taking care of all the hard work for you.

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Lawn Aeration in Champlin

Over time, your lawn’s health is impacted by the stress of everyday foot traffic, harsh weather conditions, and other natural causes, which contribute to soil compaction and the buildup of thatch. This decreases the availability of water and nutrients, resulting in a drab, limp-looking lawn with bare spots and patchy, yellowing grass. Fortunately, our turf aeration services at Showcase Lawn Care can help by removing cores of soil and grass, which loosens the soil and breaks up thatch, quickly reviving your lawn.

Our core aeration services in Champlin benefit your turf by:

  • Allowing easier access to water and nutrients for your grassroots.
  • Providing room for root systems to expand and strengthen.
  • Eliminating puddles through increased water absorption into the soil.
  • Fostering healthier turf that is thicker, greener, and more homogenous.
  • Improving resistance to pests, disease, and drought.

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Lawn Seeding Services in Champlin

Is your lawn looking sparse and lackluster? Don't worry, Showcase Lawn Care has the solution for you! Our lawn seeding service in Chaplin promotes healthier turf by providing the necessary nutrients and conditions for new grass seeds to thrive. By combining lawn aeration and seeding, we ensure that your lawn receives the proper amount of soil, air, and water, resulting in a thicker and lusher grass. Say goodbye to bare spots and hello to an improved appearance and color. But that's not all! Our overseeding process also helps prevent weeds, pests, and lawn diseases, making your lawn more resistant and durable. Your lawn will not only look great, but it will also be healthier and more resilient.

Here are just some of the benefits of our lawn seeding service:

  • Fills in bare spots for a more uniform look.
  • Provides weed prevention and resistance to pests, drought, and lawn diseases.
  • Improves the appearance and color of your lawn.
  • Enhances rooting and overall turf strength.
  • Improves root development for greater stability and longevity.

Weed Control Services in Champlin

Are weeds taking over your lawn and ruining its appearance? Don't worry, our professional weed control service in Champlin is here to help! We provide a comprehensive inspection of your yard to identify the types of weeds present. Using EPA-approved herbicides, we perform post-emergent applications to eliminate current weeds. We also spot-spray stubborn weeds like creeping charlie, wild violets, dandelions, clover, and thistle. To prevent new weeds from germinating, we use pre-emergent solutions. Our services extend beyond just your lawn—we also treat your driveway and sidewalks. With our ongoing monitoring, your lawn will remain weed-free all year round.

Here is a breakdown of our weed service in Champlin:

  • Comprehensive inspection of your yard to identify the types of weeds present.
  • Post-emergent applications using EPA-approved herbicides to eliminate current weeds.
  • Spot spraying stubborn weeds like creeping charlie, wild violets, dandelions, clover, and thistle.
  • Use of pre-emergent solutions to prevent new weeds from germinating.
  • Treatment of your lawn, driveway, and sidewalks for complete weed control.
  • Ongoing monitoring to ensure your lawn remains weed-free.
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1 Star Review

I just received a call from “Gary” the “operations manager”. I took a 6 second video of a driver of theirs salting a dry parking lot at the fleet farm in Brooklyn Park this afternoon following my shopping trip. Their driver approached me after I finished loading my purchases in my truck, and questioned why I was filming him. I explained that I thought it was odd that they were salting a dry parking lot, when there is mounting pressure from the EPA for all of us to reduce salt usage due to the effects of the salt on the environment and wildlife.

Brendan Johnson
5 Star Review

they provide an excellent service, they are one of the best I have seen, very good customer service as well,

Kamal Ibrahim
5 Star Review

We have used showcase for over 5 years and they have been great to work with and reasonable in cost. They also provide a wide range of services. I highly recommend Showcase!

John Griffin
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