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Weed Control

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Weed Control

Weeds do more than just ruin the look of your lawn. They are also much more aggressive than your grass. Weed seeds lie in wait until conditions are right. Healthy, thick grass can block sunlight from reaching weed seeds and prevent them from sprouting. However, when your yard is weak and thin, this can be an open invitation for weeds to take over and crowd out your grass.

Factors such as climate, location, and season play a role in treating weeds. There are many varieties of weeds, each with its own growth cycle that can begin at different times of the year just like your grass. This makes weed control a year-round task.

Our Weed Control Program

The best way to control weeds is to start early. Preventing weeds from going to seed is essential to keeping weed populations down. During the fall, weeds will disperse their seeds on the wind or with the help of animals. These seeds will settle under your grass and wait until spring arrives before they sprout. With our weed control program, we can prevent weeds early and stop them from spreading.

Pre-Emergent: Our technicians will come out to your yard in early spring to apply our pre-emergent application. This coats the thousands of overwintering seeds that were deposited in your grass last fall. If not treated right away, these seeds could sprout and quickly take over your yard. Pre-emergents will greatly reduce the amount of weeds you will see in your yard this summer.

Post-Emergent: After our pre-emergent application we will follow up later in the season with postemergence broadleaf herbicides to tackle those weeds that sneak into your lawn after spring. We will make a couple rounds out to your yard during the summer to re-apply so new weeds don’t grow.

We also treat the following:

  • Rock Beds
  • Mulch Beds
  • Driveways and sidewalks

Wild Violets & Creeping Charlie

Wild violets and creeping charlie are some of the most difficult weeds to control in a Minnesota lawn. They can drive homeowners crazy trying to get rid of these weeds. Wild violets and creeping charlie don’t just reproduce by seeds like other weeds, they have above ground runners called stolons that creep along the grass and set down new roots. This makes it extremely difficult to control.

Due to popular demand, we are offering our wild violet and creeping charlie program. We have received a lot of requests and now we finally offer a program to control these annoying weeds.

Your Local Weed Control Experts

If you are having trouble controlling weeds in your yard, call the knowledgeable and friendly staff at Showcase Lawn Care. Remember, the earlier we can treat your lawn for weeds, the easier it will be to control them later in the summer. Sign up for our program and let us turn your lawn into a “Showcase” lawn.


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