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5 Star Review

Update May 2, 2024: I am adding this edit to more services I ordered for myself. Just one ding here was a over seeding service I ordered from Showcase Lawn care. It seems if I am not at home sometimes things can and will go South on me. I had to go help my Mom get her sprinkler system up and running thru another company, but while I was gone a tech came to my house hence proceeded with the over seeding service. When I got home my wife told me that the tech didn't do the job. I was confused by this, and so I called Showcase and ask why this happened.

Steven B.
1 Star Review

I just received a call from “Gary” the “operations manager”. I took a 6 second video of a driver of theirs salting a dry parking lot at the fleet farm in Brooklyn Park this afternoon following my shopping trip. Their driver approached me after I finished loading my purchases in my truck, and questioned why I was filming him. I explained that I thought it was odd that they were salting a dry parking lot, when there is mounting pressure from the EPA for all of us to reduce salt usage due to the effects of the salt on the environment and wildlife.

Brendan Johnson
5 Star Review

I like how typically the same person comes out to do the service.

Tyler M