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5 Star Review

I have been using Showcase for weed control & lawn fertilization for over 1 year now. Prior to using Showcase, the weeds were spreading everywhere in both front & back lawns. Showcase was able to get rid of the weeds. The grass, both in front & back, has turned back into a healthy lawn. I am very impressed with the transformation!

Cathy Luk
5 Star Review

I'm a pretty savvy DIYer. I'm also a bit consumed by eliminating weeds and having a lovely green lawn. As such, I spent a lot of time and money using professional chemicals treating my yard thinking I could do it better. I'd tried other companies in the past and was never impressed. After struggling to achieve the results I wanted, I called Showcase Lawn Care. My years of work were upstaged the first season I hired them. I don't know what sort of magic they sprinkle on the grass but it's lush, thick, green and weed-free. If you want the same, there's only one call to make.

Dave Hruby
5 Star Review

The guy came to my house on 5/ 13/2021 n i didn't know that he came til my daughter told n he almost pulled off, but once he saw me n just walked to me n talked to me so patients, i really like his manner. i hope the company will hire more people like him, but i forgot his name. i will definitely recommend people to this company. Thanks. This is my 1st time use this company.

Amanda Ou