lawn with weeds and dandelions

Put an End to Weeds In Minnesota Now and Save Time This Spring

The crisp cool air of fall has arrived in Minnesota. And soon, the sky will litter us with that cold, fluffy white stuff. Though it may not seem like it, now is the time to prepare your lawn for the spring, and that includes warding off those dreadful, annoying weeds. Showcase Lawn Care has supplied you with a list of things you can do right now to stop weeds from germinating in the spring.

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Follow These Fall Lawn Care Tips For Your Minnesota Lawn

Fall may have arrived but that doesn’t mean the joy of lawn maintenance is over. Quite the opposite. This time of year is used for cleaning up gardens, planting new trees, and getting your Minnesota landscape prepared for next spring. You put a lot of work into your yard this year, don’t let it go to waste. Take a look at these fall lawn care tips and get out there and have some fun!

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tick warning sign on tree in woods

Everything You Need to Know About Minnesota Fleas & Ticks

When the weather is hot and humid, as it usually is here in Minnesota in August, fleas and ticks abound. They love to hang out in the shady areas of your yard, under trees, bushes, and in tall, thick grass. Know what fleas and ticks look like, the dangers they carry, and how to prevent them from getting into your home. Read on to learn everything you need to know regarding fleas and ticks, including how to get flea and tick control from Showcase Lawn Care.

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giant group of dandelions

Fascinating Facts About Those Pesky Dandelions

Bothersome, irritating dandelions sprout throughout our Minnesota lawns like a bad habit that keeps coming back. But in many other countries, dandelions are used as herbal medicines and eaten as nutritious food. There are many health benefits to dandelions, and this article names just a few. Still not convinced? Your friends at Showcase Lawn Care offer a highly effective weed control program that will help eradicate these obnoxious weeds.

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6 Tips For Keeping Mosquitoes From Ruining Your Outdoor Fun

Spring is turning into summer. The weather is warm but not excruciatingly hot, and the calendar is full of graduation parties, barbeques, and outdoor fun. But there is one problem here in the St. Paul area that could turn your summer into a nightmare. The dreaded mosquito. While we may never fully eliminate all mosquitoes, there are ways to combat these pesky insects and reduce the population in your yard. Read on for a few tips and ideas and start practicing safe techniques.

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Keep Creeping Charlie and Wild Violets Out of Your Minnesota Yard!

While we have a share of weeds in Minneapolis, two stand out as extremely hard to control, creeping Charlie and wild violets. These annoying plants have above-ground runners called stolons that creep along the grass and set down roots. Showcase Lawn Care Inc. shares a list of handy tips for how to control and prevent them. We also offer a customized program that will eradicate these two menaces, saving you time and headaches.

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hand with grass

Organic Lawn Care: A Chemical-Free Approach

Organic lawn care means not only using natural materials to fertilize your lawn, it also means changing your mindset and approach to lawn care. By following these best practices, you truly can enjoy a green lawn without the chemicals.

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grub underground

What Are Grubs And How To Control Them

If you’ve noticed problem areas in your lawn that don’t respond well to watering or fertilizer, and your grass seems spongy, there’s a good chance you’ve got grubs. Learn how these pests operate and how you can control their population in your lawn.

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winter lawn

Winter Kill and How it Impacts Your Minnesota Lawn

Winter kill can be described as any type of winter damage that kills the grass on your lawn. Learn the major contributing factors here in Minnesota, how you can prevent them and what you can do if winter kill occurs.

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gift of lawncare

Give the Gift of Green This Year With a Healthy Lawn

Looking for the ultimate holiday gift? Look no further. Give the gift of a luxurious and healthy lawn from Showcase Lawn Care. Lawn care is the perfect gift for someone who doesn’t have the time or energy to continuously maintain their Minnesota property. It is the ideal gift for an elderly friend, parent, or another family member. Learn more and obtain yours today!

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Fall Maintenance: Get Your Minnesota Yard Ready For Winter

Fall maintenance in Minnesota consists of preparing your lawn for the winter and thinking ahead to next spring. Make sure your grass is leaf-free before the first snowfall or you could be in for some trouble come spring. Plan ahead and get on a lawn care program from Showcase Lawn Works. Our lawn care program will turn your yard into a Showcase yard.

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How Your Minnesota Lawn Can Benefit from Aeration and Overseeding

When your yard isn’t living up to what it should be, aeration and overseeding could be the answer. After excessive use, the soil in our lawns becomes compact and prevents roots from receiving the water and nutrients it needs. Learn more about aeration, and overseeding and how they can give your lawn a boost.

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Minnesota’s Common Lawn Diseases

There are many contributing factors to a lawn that is experiencing various types of lawn diseases that are tough to deal with. And it’s usually brought on by cooler weather, or the stress of seasons changing.

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Summer Weed Control in Minnesota

Most homeowners have accepted the fact that there is no winning the war on weeds. No matter how many you pull or spray they just never seem to go away. You can spend your entire summer battling weeds only to have your yard invaded again in the spring by a fresh army of weeds. Luckily,… Read more »

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How and When to Fertilize Your Lawn in the Summer

Choosing a fertilization schedule can turn out to be more confusing than you had imagined. While it seems simple, there is more to the right fertilization schedule than meets the eye. It’s not necessarily all about using a fertilizer treatment non-stop throughout the season, but more about getting time to know your lawn and its… Read more »

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Organic Lawn Care: The Environmental Benefits

As our world progresses, the importance of climate change has caught everyone’s eye. People are trying harder to do their part as humans to reduce the environmental impact they leave behind, otherwise known as your “carbon footprint.” It can be as little as switching out your plastic straw habit for a metal one or bringing… Read more »

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