. Why You Need Commercial Snow And Ice Removal In Minnesota & St. Paul

Why You Need Commercial Snow And Ice Removal In Minnesota & St. Paul

Here in Minnesota-St. Paul, we are used to long, hard winters that come with lots of snow and ice. Sometimes the snow may only be a few inches, but other times several feet of snow and a thick layer of ice may end up on our doorstep. If you have a commercial or business property, you know that keeping snow off your sidewalks and out of your parking lot can be a difficult, labor- and time-intensive task. You might think that hiring a commercial snow removal service is just too much of a hassle when you can shovel snow yourself, but hiring a professional is the safer, snowy steps to a doormore effective option for your business or commercial property this winter. 

Health Risks For You, Your Employees, And Your Customers

One of the most important and obvious reasons to invest in commercial snow removal is the potential health risks for you, your employees, and your customers. If you have thick layers of snow or ice in your parking lot or along your walkways, slips, and falls can pose a big problem in terms of bruises and even broken bones. These types of injuries can be hazardous for everyone but are extremely dangerous for elderly people and those with serious health problems. 

Besides slipping and falling, the other main health hazard associated with snow shoveling and ice removal is the potential for injuries during snow shoveling. Even if you are in good health, this activity can be dangerous. If you have any type of heart condition or are over 55 years old, shoveling snow can even be deadly. Studies have shown that this activity, as well as using heavy snow removal machinery like snow blowers, can rapidly increase your heart rate and blood pressure as much or more than many other forms of exercise. Shoveling snow doesn’t just work your arm muscles, but also the muscles in your legs and back as well as your heart and lungs. All of this strenuous exercise in conjunction with the colder temperatures that constrict your blood vessels and increase your heart rate can quickly and easily trigger a heart attack to occur. Save yourself the trouble of dealing with all of these potential health risks and hire the professionals at Showcase Lawn Care to remove snow and ice from your commercial or business property. 

Other Benefits of Commercial Snow Removal

Commercial snow removal is much more convenient, efficient, and cost-effective than removing snow yourself. Not to mention, it helps to make sure your customers feel safe and secure visiting your business no matter what the Minnesota weather has in store. A snow and ice-free lot ensures that your customers are not patronizing another business instead of yours simply parking lot with snow clearedbecause of the precarious state of your parking lot and sidewalks. 

Although you might only have a couple of snow shovels on hand, professional snow removers have all the latest equipment that allows them to remove snow and ice quickly and efficiently, doing a job that might take you a few hours and a lot of effort in just a few minutes. By hiring a commercial snow removal service, you can have all the benefits and convenience of snow- and ice-free parking lot without having to put in all of the difficult labor yourself. Plus, getting an expert for the job will save you money because you won’t have to buy new shovels, blowers, and many bags of ice melt every year. 

Call Showcase Lawn Care For Commercial Snow Removal Services In the Minneapolis-St. Paul Areas

If you have a commercial or business property in the Minneapolis-St.Paul area and want to make sure that your walkways and parking lots are clear of snow and ice this winter, call the professionals at Showcase Lawn Care. We offer dependable, rapid, and efficient snow and ice removal services that are geared toward ensuring the safety of your employees and customers, as well as making sure that your business can continue to operate no matter what the weather brings. We have years of experience in removing snow from a variety of properties, including large and small office parking lots, medical centers, school districts, and much more. Our experts and emergency response team keep a close eye on local and regional weather reports to make sure we are prepared to handle all of our customer’s diverse needs. 

Interested in a free consultation for commercial snow and ice removal, or any of our other lawn and garden services? Visit our website and fill out our contact form, or give us a call at 763-425-1200. And be sure to check out our monthly blog for more helpful articles on all sorts of lawn and garden care topics! 

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