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We use 1 or 2 Crabgrass pre-emergents on your lawn. There are 2 modern crabgrass controls that are used by professionals.

  • Barricade
    • Barricade lasts 7 months, but needs a week or so with watering to setup in the soil. The wonderful thing about Barricade is that it works best in wet years.
  • Dimension only lasts 3 months but it also controls crabgrass that has already emerged! Dimension works best in dry years.
  • Because we are completely local, we can change products immediately. We had to take a tough stance this spring. While the big companies were out treating lawns over the snow in late march (literally), we were waiting for conditions to improve. We paid our staff for weeks waiting for the snow to melt. This means the staff is working overtime to get everyone done at exactly the right time! Dimension isn’t a caution label, but with the twin cities’ weather, it’s the best choice for later in round 1. Crabgrass plants can put out 3000 seeds per plant so it’s a serious problem that requires serious attention!

Even the best pre-emergents don’t control all of the crabgrass. Their usual control rates are in the 80-90% range. So, to tackle this problem, we also use a crabgrass post emergent to spot treat crabgrass if it comes up. We do this in round 2 and 3 at no additional charge to you. We use Tenacity or Quinclorac. They are both expensive and tenacity is actually measured with a dropper! The neat thing about all of these controls, broadleaf and crabgrass control are all caution labels. There are 3 labels for Pesticides, Danger, Warning and Caution. We try to use caution label products whenever feasible. By using combinations of products, they work in synergy and can mean less overall pesticides can be used with the same or better results.

You’ve wanted it for years, but nobody would provide it as a service. Visualize how nice it would be to have the beds with 90% less weeds!

Rock Bed, Mulch Bed, Driveway and Sidewalk weed control! This is a tricky proposition and since the big companies can’t train their employees adequately, they don’t trust them to provide this service. We limit this service to the first 100 people that request it and since this is our first season, all 100 spots are open.

  • What we’ll do:
    • We will apply a season long granular pre-emergent to beds and cracks in the spring, then spray a post emergent each time we come out to do the bed control.
  • What we don’t do:
    • We will not treat fruit or vegetable gardens
    • We will stay a foot or so away from existing plants. If we aren’t sure about a particular plant, we won’t spray for that either.
    • We can’t spray inside shrubs, but if you want a great reduction in overall weeds, this is the ticket.
    • We can’t guarantee 100% weed control.
  • Cost per treatment: $65 for first 1000 square feet of beds, $20 per 1000 feet after that. Most homes have less than 2000 square feet of beds.


It starts with water. It doesn’t matter if you’re at home or a large national company. You can’t have effective weed control without preparing a clean, pH balanced, slightly acidic, mineral reduced solution. We prepare in advance for all of this. It means more effective use of modern materials and it requires less active ingredient to achieve the same or better results. This means enhanced safety for your family.

There are 3 different EPA categories for pesticides in order of safety

  1. Caution, the safest category
  2. Warning and
  3. Danger

In our first round, we have all caution label products. We try to use caution label products whenever possible as long as they are effective.

Our first round broadleaf weed controls are rainfast within 3 hours, so you don’t have to worry about turning off your sprinkler system or worry about rainfall.

We also use “Integrated Pest Management” principles which means we only apply herbicides to areas where it is needed. This could mean an additional 80% reduction in herbicide use.

Wild Violets & Creeping Charlie

You’ve probably talked to Jess in our office. She knows most of the customers and the one thing she requested for 2019 was that we had a plan for Wild Violets. She says that is the one thing that people can’t seem to control. We’ve addressed it by using better materials, so say bye bye to Wild Violets and Creeping Charlie, but it will take 2-3 applications to control