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Summer Weed Control in Minnesota

Most homeowners have accepted the fact that there is no winning the war on weeds. No matter how many you pull or spray they just never seem to go away. You can spend your entire summer battling weeds only to have your yard invaded again in the spring by a fresh army of weeds. Luckily, you can break this vicious cycle by following these weed control tips and sticking with it in the long run. If you can do that you can make weeds more manageable and even achieve the fabled weed-free yard.


In order for weed control to be the most effective you need to do it as early as possible in the spring. But it is never too late to start the process. In the summer you want to target as many summer weeds as you can and prevent them from spreading even more seeds over your yard in the fall. This is key to reducing the number of weeds you will see in the spring. The best way to do this is with post-emergent herbicides that can be sprayed directly onto weeds. These products usually kill the weed but do not harm your grass.

Common Weeds in Minnesota

  • Annual bluegrass
  • Barnyardgrass
  • Common pigweed
  • Yellow nutsedge 
  • Quackgrass 
  • Canada thistle 
  • Perennial sowthistle
  • Crabgrass
  • Dandelion
  • Bindweeds

Follow Proper Irrigation Methods

Our grass can become very stressed in the summer. When grass becomes stressed from environmental factors it turns brown and weak. Weak grass is easy for weeds to push around and they can quickly take over. By keeping your grass well hydrated you can keep it thick and healthy which will prevent weeds from sneaking in and crowding it out.

Fertilize Properly

Do not use too much fertilizer in the summer unless your lawn really needs it. Applying too much fertilizer in summer can burn your grass. For best weed-defending results, fertilize in the spring or fall. By keeping your grass fertilized it will remain thick and healthy and prevent weeds from growing.

Mowing Tips

When combined with proper irrigation and fertilization methods, letting your grass grow out a little is a fantastic way to prevent summer weeds. This encourages deeper root growth and thicker grass which prevents new weeds from germinating. Keep cool-season grasses around 3”- 4” and warm-season grasses around 2”- 3”. Keep your lawnmower blades sharp so you aren’t tearing your grass which can cause brown and jagged tips.

Start Early

Once spring comes around again this should be number one on the list. In the fall, weeds disperse their seeds over a large and wide area. In the spring they germinate when warm temperatures return. Now is the time to attack. Use pre-emergent herbicides and spray it over your lawn. The chemicals will coat the weed seeds and prevent them from germinating. If done correctly you will see a huge difference in the number of weeds that pop up in your yard. Continue to follow the rest of the tips into the summer and you can have weeds totally under control.

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