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How and When to Fertilize Your Lawn in the Summer

Choosing a fertilization schedule can turn out to be more confusing than you had imagined. While it seems simple, there is more to the right fertilization schedule than meets the eye. It’s not necessarily all about using a fertilizer treatment non-stop throughout the season, but more about getting time to know your lawn and its needs so you can tailor your schedule to it. 

There are a number of factors that go into when you should be fertilizing your lawn and which issues to target when you do. By inspecting your lawn weekly, you will be able to get to know what it needs faster and be more efficient with treatments. 


When Should I Apply Fertilizer? Fertilizer being spread by hand

Depending on your lawn’s needs, it will differ, but it should always be periodic and stick to a schedule so that your grass can compensate for itself between applications. It’s important to remember that fertilizer is applied to promote the health and growth of your lawn, not to create growth altogether entirely. 


What Should My Fertilizer Target? 

This answer will be a long one because it’s one that prompts you to ask more questions: Do I have excessive weed growth? Do I have a lawn disease? Is my lawn infested with pests? Is my lawn dehydrated and losing nutrients? By asking all of these, your treatments can better serve your lawn by zeroing in on the weaknesses and correcting them. 


Weed Control

If weeds are determined as a problem area for your yard, it’s not going to be a lawn death sentence, but it will mean that you should focus on treating this more often than other issues. Treatment for weed control can be most beneficial when it includes pre-emergent herbicide treatments to help kill the seeds of weeds before they have a chance to show themselves, followed by spot-treatments to create a full, weed-free lawn. 

Grub ControlTwo grubs in dirt

This treatment is no longer an option if your once flourishing yard has become infested with grubs. Checking your lawn for grubs should become part of your regular lawn care routine so you can avoid losing your vibrant lawn and dishing out a small fortune to recover from it. Watching for brown patches or mole holes and treating it early can save you from the stress of replacing your lawn. 

Aeration Applications

If you have noticed soil problems or lawn disease signs, adding aeration to your normal routine can help correct these issues. Aeration promotes lawn health from the root of the problem, which is weak soil and a weak lawn immune system. To create maximum results with aeration, this method can be combined with overseeding. 


Minnesota’s Own Showcase Lawn Care Can Provide What Your Lawn Needs

If you have identified what your lawn needs, or noticed you might need help doing so, Showcase can help you out. You can contact us on our website or reach us by phone at (763) 425-1200 for more direct interaction. 

We even keep up with our customers on social media! You can find us via our Facebook page to check out what we’ve been up to. 


Is Natural Lawn Care Right for Me? 

As we enter a new decade, it’s become more and more apparent that our environment needs to be protected – and we respect that many of our clients want to do their part in protecting it, including using sustainable lawn care methods. If this sounds like you, Showcase Lawn Care has options for you. We offer a natural lawn care program that uses all organic materials while achieving the same results, while not overcharging you for choosing to be environmentally-friendly.

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