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Snow Plowing

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Commercial Snow Removal in Minneapolis St. Paul

Minneapolis-St. Paul winters are always long and marked by heavy snowfall and unpredictable storms. While snow paints a beautiful landscape, it poses risks to property and personal safety.

When it snows, it’s important to get your parking lot clear fast or your customers might go to another location that’s easier to park and safer to walk. With Showcase Lawn Care, you can be that business.

At Showcase Lawn Care, we offer a range of prompt, efficient, and reliable snow removal services. Our program is designed to keep your business running smoothly without interruption, while at the same time keeping your tenants, employees, and visitors safe.

Our team specializes in snow removal for a wide range of commercial businesses:

  • Large and small office parking lots
  • Medical centers
  • Property managers
  • Shopping centers
  • Local businesses
  • School districts

Flexible Options

For all of our customers, we provide free consultations to determine your unique snow removal needs. We create a list of dependable and prompt solutions available with fair, competitive pricing. Our team can also work with you to create customized snow removal plans including seasonal contracts and programs based on time.

Ice Removal

Ice can be a dangerous hidden enemy in the winter and can remain even after your parking lots have been plowed. If needed, we will also salt your lots, driveways, or streets to prevent injury and expensive lawsuits.

Planning Ahead

To maintain fast and effective responses for our customers, we closely monitor local and national weather forecasts and pre-determine action plans to adapt to the changes in weather or unexpected snowfall.

In the event of extreme weather conditions, we have a responsive team of experts standing by for emergency services, equipped with dependable tools and machinery to quickly remove your snow buildup and keep your parking lots clear.

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No job is too big. If your lot is under 40 acres, we have you covered, day and night. If you’re ready to keep your commercial property snow and ice-free with reliable and dependable service, call Gary at 763-691-3443 or fill out our contact form.

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