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Lawn Fertilization

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Lawn Care Program

We are constantly trying to provide the best lawn care anywhere around. That’s why we provide both a traditional and a natural program to better fit the needs of our customers.

Traditional Lawn Care Program

Our traditional lawn care program features professional-grade fertilizers, applied properly and at the right time of the year. We use the very same fertilizers the golf courses use to get the most out of their feeding program.

Weed Control

What’s a lawn care program without weed control? With our 5-step program, we don’t just spray existing weeds, we also treat with pre-emergent herbicides to sterilize weed seeds before they even get a chance to sprout and take over. After that, we will continue to follow up with targeted spot sprays that eliminate creeping charlie, wild violets dandelions, clover, thistle and over 60 other broadleaf weeds.

Optional Applications

Aeration: Lawn aeration can fix a host of lawn care problems from compacted soil to various lawn diseases. Aeration, when combined with overseeding, can strengthen the immune system of your yard and make it more impervious to drought, pests, and common lawn diseases.

Grub Control: Grub damage can cost homeowners an arm and a leg. Grub problems don’t usually go away. Instead they can get worse each year as each new generation of beetle lays its eggs in your yard. We have seen yards totally devastated by grub, so if you notice patches of dying grass or animals have been digging in certain areas of your yard, call the grub control experts at Showcase Lawn Care.

Natural Lawn Care Program

We understand and respect the fact that you want a more environmentally friendly way to sustain a great-looking lawn. Because of popular demand, we are now offering a natural lawn care program utilizing organic materials to achieve the same results. Other companies offering organic options are often extremely expensive. Not with Showcase. Our natural program is available for the same price as our traditional program.

Your Safety is our Top Priority

All materials are registered with the EPA and have been registered with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. We always take the safety of you and your family seriously.

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