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Grub Control

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Grub Control

As a homeowner, you spend a lot of time and money to make sure your yard is happy and healthy. Here in Minnesota, there are several pests that can wreak havoc on your yard. One pest that stands above the rest as a champion destroyer of lawns is the grub.

What are Grub?

Grub is a common term for the larvae of several different species of beetle that live here in Minnesota. The most common types are the larvae of the June bug and Japanese beetle. These are the small curly white worms you find in your garden and flower beds.

These beetles mature from their larvae stage in late spring and early summer to feed on your trees and shrubs at night. They return to the ground to lay their eggs, all but ensuring a bigger infestation next year. When the grubs hatch, they immediately start feeding on the roots on your grass and can cause extensive turf damage.

Finding a few grub here and there is normal but when there are dozens within one square foot, then your lawn is probably already showing the signs of a grub infestation.

How can you tell if your lawn has grubs?

– Dead or brown patches of grass that don’t respond to irrigation.
– Sod can roll up like a carpet.
– Flocks of birds feeding in your lawn.
– Animals digging in your yard
– Mole activity

At Showcase Lawn Care, we can eradicate the problem for you before they turn into adults and lay even more eggs, compounding your problem next year.

Even More Damage

When grubs are present, you aren’t the only one who notices. Grub is a favorite and easy food for a variety of animals that don’t care how prestine your grass is.

If turf damage is not visible yet, a telltale sign that you have a grub problem is with the arrival of moles who feed on them. These subterranean mammals can cause a heck of a lot of damage as they tunnel below the surface of your lawn. When they breach the surface, they pile large unsightly mounds of earth that kills the grass underneath and can cause damage to lawn mower blades.

Moles aren’t the only hungry animals looking for an easy meal. Skunks, birds, opossums, and raccoons will also dig up your grass in search of tasty grub.

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At Showcase Lawn Care, we have over three decades of experience dealing with the problems that face Minnesota lawns. You better believe that when we say we will take care of the problem it will be taken care of. With our 1-time grub control application we can keep your yard free of grubs and hungry animals all year long.

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