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Organic Lawn Care: The Environmental Benefits

As our world progresses, the importance of climate change has caught everyone’s eye. People are trying harder to do their part as humans to reduce the environmental impact they leave behind, otherwise known as your “carbon footprint.”

It can be as little as switching out your plastic straw habit for a metal one or bringing your own coffee mug to your regular shop. But it can also be as big as taking on the feat of transitioning to a zero-waste lifestyle, including composting at home, switching to sustainable clothing, cutting down on meat, and even purchasing everything from locally-owned stores to cut down on environmental damage from travel. 

But the key to being a great environmentalist is thinking outside the box. Reducing plastic use is great, but it’s hardly a novel idea. Something as unique as choosing organic lawn care empty plastic water bottlesoptions can be something that not only makes a huge impact on the environment but also can create a blooming lawn that is safe for everyone from your pet to your baby. 

Organic lawn care comes in all shapes and sizes and can reduce your carbon footprint without you having to sacrifice anything you love from your non-organic methods. 


Go Organic for Your Lawn’s Health

Most lawns have been so overtreated that they have lost their ability to naturally fight against weeds and pests (such as grubs). With organic lawn care, you can count on healthy, deep-rooted grass to sustain itself for a longer period of time. Your lawn will no longer require massive amounts of fertilizers and watering. While these things are both very important, it’s easy to forget that they don’t need to be done daily or weekly. 


Choose Organic for Your Family’s Health

When thinking about how to get rid of weeds and pests, you often think “weed-killer” and “pest control.” While those two things are natural to think, it can sometimes be hard to remember what chemicals are being used in those sprays to create a quick-fix for your lawn. Things that are toxic to pests such as earthworms, grubs, and other soil pests, are often toxic to humans as well. You wouldn’t want your pets rubbing their noses in toxic sprays, or having young kids touch grass and then put their hands in their mouths. 

Organic lawn care, when administered properly and effectively, can just as easily take care of any weed or pest problem that you might be dealing with in your yard. 


Pick Organic for The Environmenthealthy lawn

When watering your yard, you have to remember that any synthetic lawn care treatments will easily be carried around from place to place. That can easily include in storm systems, and it can even be carried into well-water, which turns into drinking water. Actually, it’s said that up to 60% of non-organic fertilizers will be washed away. Not only is that horrific for the environment, but it creates the need for repeated and excessive use of lawn treatments throughout the season. 


Showcase Proudly Offers a Natural Lawn Care Program

Here at Showcase, we know it can be daunting to truly reduce your carbon footprint on your own. So we’re here to help you. We know how important the environment is in 2020, and we aren’t ever going to overcharge you for wanting to go organic with your lawn care. 

Visit us on our website, to schedule a consultation or for questions call us at (763) 425-1200. We’re around to give you great organic lawn care while keeping you and your family as safe as everyone should be keeping the environment.

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