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Minnesota’s Common Lawn Diseases

Moisture, cool-weather, prolonged wet soil, there are many contributing factors to a lawn experiencing various types of lawn diseases that are tough to deal with. While many people believe that they can ignore their turf’s needs when the weather begins to cool down, it’s not always the case. Cool-weather often brings a variety of lawn diseases with it. 

Here Are the Various Lawn Diseases That Minnesotans Have to Watch For:

Brown Patch

There has never been a more obvious name for a disease. This lawn illness presents exactly how it sounds, like a brown patch that appears and grows day after day. If you don’t identify and treat this specific disease as soon as possible, the health of your turf will continue to decline. This will eventually lead to a pest infestation that can kill your lawn for good.

Large Patch

Similar in name and action, the large patch greatly resembles the brown patch when it comes to showing up on your turf. While this turf disease is similar, it will generally affect your lawn only during warm weather, whereas brown patch is more privy to warm weather, but doesn’t necessarily keep its distance from warm-weather grass. 

When observing large patches on your turf, you’ll notice that they can range from a few feet to 25 feet around, and it will be a tough disease to cure. Grasses that are susceptible to large patch are ones like centipede grass, buffalo grass, zoysia grass, and many more. Large patch prevention methods include core aeration and overseeding, hydration, and good mowing techniques. 

Dollar Spot

When the temperature in Minnesota changes quickly due to our fickle weather, this is when you’ll start to see dollar spot rear its ugly head. This lawn disease will show up on your turf specifically when it’s going through a long period where it’s hot in the day and cooler at night, so it’s something every lawn owner should look out for during those times. Dollar spot will appear as small circles, and they are about the size of the silver dollar coin, which is where the unique name comes from. 

Showcase Lawn Care Can Help You Today! 

It can be tough to identify these diseases and find the path to curing them on your own. That’s why when your Minnesota lawn is becoming overwhelmingly harder to handle, the expert lawn care advisors are around to help.

Our customers can find out some more information about Showcase Lawn Care in Minnesota by visiting our website’s contact page, calling us at (763) 425-1200, or by visiting our social media sites like Facebook to keep in touch with the work we’re doing in your neighborhood.

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