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Traditional & Hybrid Programs. 

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Lawn care enhances the color, thickness and beauty of your lawn. The program consists of planned, comprehensive, timely scheduled visits of your property for treatments of needed materials at the proper rates. From early spring to late fall, your lawn will be carefully inspected by your licensed technician.


Our Regular Program consists of 5 treatments per year.

Each treatment has applications of slow release, golf course quality fertilizers or a Soil Amendment (Once per year) and broadleaf weed controls when weeds are actively growing.  You’ll also benefit from a crabgrass pre-emergent and a crabgrass post emergent.  We also add micro nutrients that are essential for plant health. Many customers also choose to add a grub control during the late spring and summer.


Do you want a healthy, green lawn without the hassle? You can count on us to make it happen. With every lawn being different, our expert technicians provide a tailored treatment, featuring superior weed control & fertilization. With our lawn care in the Minneapolis – St Paul area,  your lawn will thrive. And the best part? You won’t have to lift a finger!

Round 1: Slow Release Fertilizer, Crabgrass Pre-Emergent, Broadleaf Weed Control

Round 2: Slower Release Fertilizer, Crabgrass Post Emergent, Broadleaf Weed Control, Micro Nutrients

Round 3: Fertilizer with Broadleaf Weed Control, Crabgrass Post Emergent and many customers choose Grub Control for this application (additional charge)

Round 4: Full, balanced Fertilizer, still slow release, broadleaf weed control for fall dandelions & creeping charlie.

Round 5: Fall Feeding – Faster release, higher Nitrogen fertilizer for fall feeding, root growth and carryover for spring health

Optional but highly recommended – Lawn Aeration

Optional: Grub Control – this is increasingly a favorite application of customers to control grub worms in the lawn.

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Traditional  or Natural
Is a Natural Alternative for me? 


A traditional program includes Professional Fertilizers, applied properly and at just the right times of the year. The fertilizers are the very same ones golf courses use to get the most out of their feeding program. Crabgrass Pre-Emergent control and Broadleaf weed controls are used as well, controlling creeping charlie, wild violets, dandelions, clover, thistle and over 60 other broadleaf weeds. All Materials are registered with the EPA and have been registered with the MN Department of Agriculture. We always take your safety seriously when we choose our materials. During most applications, we just ask that you stay off the lawn until the material dries, or about one hour.


Organic Fertilizer programs available for the same price as our traditional program.