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Fall Maintenance: Get Your Minnesota Yard Ready For Winter

Oh, the joy of fall lawn maintenance. It’s that time of year where you regret planting all those trees in your yard so many years ago. With winter on our heels, we have to start preparing our yard for the cold months ahead and start planning ahead for next spring. We have put together some tips to help you with your fall lawn care journey. raking leaves on lawn

Get The Leaves Off Your Grass

Fall leaves are beautiful to look at but if they stay on your lawn too long you could be looking at fungal problems. Raking is a fun family activity and is a great exercise as well. Leaves should be raked about once a week to ensure it does not smother your grass and cause other problems. Raking can also help loosen thatch that can lead to soil compaction.

Reuse Your Leaves

Rather than packing your leaves in bags and letting the city collect them, you could put those same leaves back to work in your yard. Leaves make the perfect addition to your compost pile because they are full of nutrients. 

Here’s a tip. Run over the leaves a few times with your lawnmower to shred them up into tiny pieces. You can either compost the shredded leaves or leave them there and rake them back into your yard as organic fertilizer. The smaller you can shred your leaves the better because smaller leaves decompose faster and won’t buildup and create thatch.

Keep Mowing Your Lawn

Here in Minnesota most of our lawns are of the cool-season variety such as Kentucky bluegrass and the fescue family. Cool-season grasses are grasses that do their growing during the cooler parts of the year such as early spring and fall. So keeping your grass trimmed at the proper height is still important at least until the first frost.

Weed Control

Weed control in the fall should be simple if you followed proper weed control in the summer. Fall weed control should consist of targeting stray weeds that have slipped through the cracks and eliminating them before they go to seed. Just one dandelion plant can spread hundreds of seeds throughout your lawn where they will wait to invade your lawn next spring.

Unclog Your Gutters

Gutters are usually the last things on our minds as we prepare our yard for the winter. Gutters play a vital role in diverting water away from your home and foundation. When gutters get clogged, water will fill up and overflow. This dripping can erode dirt away from your foundation and cause cracks if temperatures fluctuate as they do around this time of year. Over time these cracks can expand and cause leaks in your basement. Standing water trapped in gutters can also become a breeding zone for mosquitoes. Taking the time to quickly check your gutters is definitely worth getting the ladder out. core aeration machine on lawn

Aerate Your yard

Lawn aeration is usually done around this time of the year because cool-season grasses have time to recover before winter. Aeration is a beneficial process that reliefs soil compaction. Soil becomes compact from frequent use and foot traffic. Over time, the soil particles become so tightly packed that not even air can get through to the roots. This causes your grass to wither and die. Compact soil also deprives your grass of water and nutrients. Aeration works by pulling thousands of small plugs of sod to loosen up the soil and allow water and air to flow again into the roots. Symptoms of soil compaction include:

  • Bare spots of dirt
  • Hard soil
  • Pools of water
  • Squishy grass from thatch buildup
  • Water runoff

Showcase Lawn Care Can Help You Today! 

At Showcase Lawn Care we know what it takes to achieve a beautiful yard. Our aeration and overseeding program is perfect if your lawn could use a boost. Call us at (763) 425-1200, or leave a message on our site. Follow us on Facebook to keep in touch with the work we’re doing in your neighborhood and check out our blog for more lawn care tips and tricks.

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