. Follow These Fall Lawn Care Tips For Your Minnesota Lawn

Follow These Fall Lawn Care Tips For Your Minnesota Lawn

Fall may have arrived but that doesn’t mean the joy of lawn maintenance is over. Quite the opposite. This time of year is used for cleaning up gardens, planting new trees, and getting your Minnesota landscape prepared for next spring. You put a lot of work into your yard this year, don’t let it go to waste. Take a look at these fall lawn care tips and get out there and have some fun!

Keep Mowingmowing

Cool-season grasses such as Kentucky bluegrass, and fescue do their growing in the spring and fall so keep your mower out. Your grass will continue to grow until the first frost so don’t let it get too long before winter. Long grass matted down by snow creates the perfect environment for snow mold.

Mulch Your Leaves and Grass Clippings

Leaves and grass clippings are full of nutrients and make great additions to your compost pile. You can use them as mulch or a weed barrier for your trees and flower beds. You can even mulch your leaves and grass clippings where they sit. Just ride over it a few times with your mower and chop it up into tiny pieces. You could help it along by watering your yard afterward so all the pieces settle on the soil. The debris will break down and feed your grass, giving it a boost of nutrition. 

Rake Those Fallen Leaves

The most dreaded task of the fall is raking leaves. But as tiresome as it is, it has to be done. Wet leaves can smother and kill your grass while at the same time creating ideal conditions for mold and other lawn diseases. Piles of leaves can also be attractive to overwintering pests and rodents.

Clean Out Your Gutters

In the fall, leaves can easily clog your gutters if you don’t have any gutter guards on them. When gutters get clogged water doesn’t drain properly and remains in the gutter for a long time. Clogged gutters are attractive places for mosquitoes to deposit their eggs. Over the winter, freezing and thawing could cause damage to your gutters and roof. 

Prune Your Trees and Shrubs

After your trees have shed their leaves and have gone dormant it is the ideal time to prune them. Trees heal much faster when they are dormant and are a lot less likely to be exposed to pests and diseases. Prune limbs that hang too close to the ground, branches that form odd angles to the trunk, and limbs that compete with the central trunk.

Aerate And Overseed For Best Resultsaeration holes

Over the years we put our lawn through a lot. With frequent running, playing, and other outdoor activities, our grass might start to show signs of soil compaction. Soil compaction is when the soil gets so tightly packed that not even water can penetrate. This causes your grass to dry up and thin out, opening your lawn up to invasive weeds. Other symptoms of soil compaction include:

  • Water running off your grass 
  • Squishy grass
  • Hard soil
  • Bare spots where even weeds won’t grow
  • Puddles that never go away

An aerator is a machine that pulls thousands of tiny plugs from your lawn so the soil is loosened up and water and air can reach the roots. It helps to allow water, oxygen, and fertilizer to once again reach your turf’s roots. 

Overseed Your Yard

Overseeding is a secret tool among homeowners to help increase the defense of your lawn. The process involves adding new types of grass seed to your current lawn. The idea is that by blending two different grass types together your grass will become more resilient to pests, diseases, and drought. Overseeding is often done directly after aeration because during this time your lawn is primed for seeding. Overseeding will help to boost your grass’s immune system and together, aeration and overseeding can help develop a more thick, lush lawn. 

Let The Pros at Showcase Lawn Care Reinvent Your Lawn

Showcase Lawn Works are lawn care experts serving St. Paul, Minnesota area and beyond. We offer both traditional and organic lawn care programs to help keep your turf healthy and robust year-round. Our weed control program will help prevent and eliminate those annoying, pesky weeds from taking over your turf and our aeration and overseeding services will give your lawn the boost it needs when it needs it. Reach out to us today to find out more about these and all of our services. You can visit our website and contact us online or you can give us a call at 763- 425-1200.

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