We were called in when a roof collapsed due to the heavy snow in March. This location, just one month earlier had flooding down the aisles towards the cash registers from iced up drains. We were contacted Friday night with the final go ahead and on Saturday morning, we brought out about a dozen people, multiple plow trucks, multiple skid loaders and salting units to take care of the problem. It was a BIG job and difficult because the snow had piled up to 12 feet deep in between the aisles and it was 12-20 inches of ice at the bottom from previous freeze thaw cycles that had to be hand chipped! Everything had to be pulled out through a 10 foot door!

We hand dug out the individual aisles from underneath so there would be no damage to the products or expensive shelving. We brought backpack blowers to clear out from between the products. We brought a pickup in with just centimeters to spare to start the process then after the door was plowed out, we used a carefully timed “ballet” of 7-8 people inside carefully bringing snow into the center of the aisles. Then one skid loader to back the center aisles out to the middle, another skid loader to take that snow and push it out the door and 2-3 trucks plowing and stacking the snow by the retaining wall temporarily. We actually drove salt trucks down the aisles to turn any remaining snow into water and pushed the water out. After all of this was done – there wasn’t enough room for the semi trailers to work in the back yard, so we used skids to stack snow elsewhere and used salters to turn the extra snow into water so it could be pushed into drains.